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Data and Telephone Cabling Experts

Whether you are looking for trouble shooting, upgrading your existing system or a complete new cabling installation, Kyle Cabling has been installing and maintaining data and telephone cabling for over 23 years.  We have saved our clients not just in money terms but hundreds of man hours in maintenance and downtime.

Kyle Cabling can provide upgrades to existing data and telephone cabling when your company has out grown its existing telephone and data system, or your current system is outdated and cannot support modern technology features that your business now demands.

If you are moving into a new building, renovating or expanding your business, Kyle Cabling can implement a new network installation complete with design plans to cater for your business’ current communication needs and expansion for the future.    We will work closely with your builder and IT department to ensure your investment in cabling today is money well spent now and for the future.

Kyle Cabling has wide experience in connecting fragmented networks - if your existing data cabling infrastructure has been installed periodically by more than one contractor or if your network is a patchwork of hubs, switches and patches installed over time to keep it running.    We can reorganise the data and telephone cabling, recommend and install new hardware to make it more reliable, run faster and save you money.

With many data and telephone network products in the marketplace, Kyle Cabling can fit in to your budget and your time frame.  Our experienced project management team means we work with you and your staff to minimise downtime and disruption to the network.  

At the forefront of all our plans and network installations is that your network will improve your business communications and your bottom-line!